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Daily Reports on Wildland Fire Activity

Welcome to the Florida Forest Service's Wildland Fire Reporting System.
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Daily Report Archive

To view a report, select a date from the list. The list of daily reports is by date, with the most recent listed first.

Below is an rundown of the information included in daily reports.

Summary of Fires, Legal Actions and Personnel & Equipment Status

The important point to know about this section is that New Fires and New Acres are any new fires and any new acres that burned on that day up to 23:59. Keeping this in mind it is possible for a fire to burn additional acres on a day after it started, in this case it would not be listed as a new fire, but the new acres would be listed, so it is possible to have a "0" in new fires with acres listed for fires that started before that day. Legal Actions are also ONLY those that happened that day. The Active fires and active acres are all fires and acres that the Florida Forest Service is currently dealing with at the time the report was completed.

Weather Observations and Fire Readiness Levels

Details the weather observations that were taken by each of the Florida Forest Service field units at 1400 hours (2 p.m.).

  • RH is Relative Humidity 
  • Temperature is given at the low and high for that day. 
  • Herb Stage is a measure of how green the vegetation is in that area:
    3=green, 2=transition, and 1=cured or frost killed. 
  • Buildup is a measure of the drought conditions.
  • Spread tells us how difficult a fire will be to control due in large part to wind speed.
  • FRL means Fire Readiness Level, this is a number between 1 and 5. The higher the number, the more severe the fire conditions are in that area. In general the Florida Forest Service will begin to cut back on Burning Authorizations when we get to FRL of 3 and no authorizations will be issued without a written authorization once we get to an FRL of 4 or 5. 

New Fires by Fire Cause (Summary Day)

Displays the number of new fires and their causes. The cause codes are listed below the table. 

Details By District

Shows burning authorization restrictions, comments, crews out of the district assigned to other areas, and equipment that is down. 

Fire Reports

The remaining reports have a short description and an explanation of how to request them after you select that report. Data is from wildfires with completed reports.

Fire Activity
Fires Classed by Fire Size
Fires by Fire Causes
Fires by Hours of the Day
Average Fires by Cause
Fires by Fuel Type
Fires by Section/Township/Range
Escaped Fires and Breakouts by Month

Burning Authorization Summary Report

The report has a short description and an explanation of how to request them after you select that report 

Quick Tips

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